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I'm a Student in the B.Sc. Program Engineering Business Information Systems at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Germany). Currently I'm an intern at Bosch Engineering as a Software Developer for Machine Learning Applications.


Work Experience

Bosch Engineering - Software Developer for Machine Learning Applications

Abstatt, Germany | March - September 2022

I'm currently working at Bosch Engineering as a Backend Software Engineer for intelligent evaluation systems in automotive applications. I'm working on machine learning and dimensionality reduction algorithms for multivariate time series in Python, as well as on some classification and active learning methods. Another task that I spent time on is feature extraction from time series. My main task is to write all of this software as production-ready code in the backend of our cloud application. That includes a lot of data engineering, performance enhancements working on the Python - JS interface.

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences - Software Developer

Frankfurt, Germany | June 2021 - March 2022

Development of a Django web application to support the lecture 'Project Management' by Prof. Dr. Hefter.

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences - Tutor and Teacher's Assistant

Frankfurt, Germany | September 2020 - March 2022

As an academic tutor and assistant to the professor, I worked for various course. Among them: ‘Object-Oriented Programming’, ‘Introduction to Business Informatics’ and ‘Databases’, ‘Project Management’ as well as ‘Operating Systems and Computer Networks’.


WristConduct: Biometric User Authentication Using Bone Conduction at the Wrist

Frankfurt, Germany | December 2021 - March 2022

WristConduct is a paper I wrote with two fellow students in 2022. In it, we show that it is possible to use machine learning methods (SVMs and Neural Networks) to identify people based on bone conduction signals taken from their wrist. The paper has been peer-reviewed and accepted to the 'Mensch und Computer Konferenz 2022' and will be presented there by me on September 5, 2022.

SoftDSim: A Project Management Simulation

Frankfurt, Germany | August 2021 - August 2022

SoftDSim is a project management simulation that was first presented in a master's thesis in 2021. I was hired as a software developer by the university to create a web application based on SoftDSim. As the responsible professor was pleased with my prototype, the project was continued in 2022 with about 20 additional students over which I was in charge. The application is now running and actively used by the university.

Image Classification with Deep Learning for Owl Protection

Frankfurt, Germany | Spring 2022

Created an image classification model using convolutional neural networks for use in little owl protection. The device I developed is using a camera to detect intrudors in front of little owl nests to stop them from entering by strobing light.

Visualization of Scheduling Algorithms

Frankfurt, Germany | Spring 2021

Created a web application to visualize scheduling algorithms. The Python-backend is written using the Django framework and contains the logic to calculate the actual schedules. The Frontend that does the data visualization and provides user interactions is written in JavaScript and plotly.


Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences: B.Sc. Engineering Business Information Systems

Frankfurt, Germany | October 2019 - Today (expected Graduation December 2022)

Grade Average: 1.0

Honors: Dean's List, Deutschlandstipendium

I am currently studying at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. The study program at Frankfurt UAS is rich in projects. In about half of the modules, the final exam consists of a comprehensive project. Projects usually last 10-20 weeks and have up to 6 participants. The projects must be organized, designed, executed, and finished completely independently by the students. In the process, I was already able to gain a lot of experience in teamwork with a wide variety of people.

Relevant course work:
- Object-Oriented Programming
- Advanced Programming
- Software Engineering
- Statistics
- Databases
- Structured Data Stores
- Data Warehouses
- Business Analytics
- Project Management
- Web Application Systems
- Operating Systems and Computer Networks
- IT-Security

IBM: Deep Learning Professional Certificate (edX)

April 2020

Certificate: IBM Deep Learning

In 2020 I completed a five-month program consisting of 6 courses by IBM in Deep Learning. Courses:
- Deep Learning Fundamentals with Keras
- Deep Learning with Python and PyTorch
- Deep Learning with Tensorflow
- Using GPUs to Scale and Speed-up Deep Learning
- Applied Deep Learning Capstone Project

Udemy Courses in Software and Machine Learning

2018 - 2022

I frequently complete Udemy courses to learn something new. Topics:
- Machine Learning
- Data Analytics
- Software Development
- Web Development

Dartmouth College and IMT: C Programming with Linux (edX)

March 2022

A program to learn some C Programming. Courses:

Databases: Advanced Topics in SQL by StanfordOnline (edX)

May 2021

An online course I took to go a bit deeper in some SQL topics after I completed my Databases course in University.

AWS Machine Learning (A Cloud Guru)

Started: August 2022

I'm currently enrolled in A Cloud Guru's "AWS Machine Learning" Learning Path. This Learning Path is a multi-year program that includes all relevant AWS Certifications to become a profound ML-Engineer in the Cloud. Certifications path:

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Solutions Architect - Associates
  • AWS Developer - Associates
  • AWS Machine Learning - Specialty
  • AWS Database - Specialty
  • AWS Solution Architect - Professional
  • AWS Data Analytics - Specialty

Skills - Programming Languages


Programming | Data Science | Machine Learning | Backend | Data Visualization

I've been using Python for more than 4 years and I can say that I have a solid understanding of the language and its specifics. I have worked with many of the popular Python libraries, and I am very comfortable with the most important ones, including:
- NumPy
- scikit-learn
- Matplotlib
- Pandas
- Django
- pytest


Low Level Programming | Python Libraries | Data Structures

I decided to learn the C programming language at the end of 2021 to become a better Python developer. I won't become a C programmer, but many of Python's performance libraries as well as Python itself are largely programmed in C. To be efficient, I think it's important to have at least a good understanding of the next level down.


Web Development

I'm not a big fan of JavaScript, but I've used it both for university projects and professionally. I am familiar with most of JavaScript's peculiarities.


Programming | Web Applications | Spring Boot

Java is another language that I have in my repertoire. It was taught at my University and so, I used it for multiple projects there.